Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spa days...ahh

Spa Days...nothing like them is there?  Relaxing, refreshing and renewing is how I describe a spa day which brings me to think about Queen Esther.  Yes, Queen Esther had over 12 months of preparation before she went before the King.  According to everything I read she would have had 6 months of treatment with oil with myrrh, and six month with perfumes and preparations to beautify her before she ever went to the king.  Wow, when we think of spa days and she had 12 months sounds great doesn't it? 

Well, not so fast...

Do you know what myrrh is?  Me neither, so I decided to find out.

Well, myrrh is derived from a thorn bush and she would have had to have been immersed in the floral oil made from a thorn bush.  Now Esther was a Jewish servant girl that would have been so uncomfortable with the servants bathing her, preparing her, washing her and I would have been too.  I can take care of that myself thank you.  No I don't need your help, I can do that...Imagine it.  Also, imagine a home filled with no loved ones only women competing for one man.  The jealously, the hatred, the competition,  no friends, the loneliness and all for one man.

Myrrh was also used in the burial process.  It hit me that Esther had to die to yourself in order to do what was being demanded of her.  

Esther would not have been comfortable with any of the spa treatments, but she was willing to be and do what she had to do.  God's plan which she was not aware of at the time was all a part of the process.  He was transforming Esther to be transformed into the Queen that would save the people because she was willing to let go of her needs.

What are we willing to let go of to grow intimate with the King?  Our Savior wants all of each of us, are we willing to be uncomfortable?  Are we willing to endure the hard fights?

Are we willing to ????

I give thanks Lord that you love me enough to ask me to grow closer and closer to you!

Sweet blessings,

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