Monday, December 2, 2013

Think about your family tree and all the skeletons...

Yes, give thanks for every last one on your family tree!

Today, turn to Matthew 1 and look at the names you find in Christ's family tree...
we will just name a few...






Uriah's wife ~ Bathsheba


What do we see just with the few listed?  Flaws check out their stories in God's Word or go and be reminded of them once again.

Yes, they all have flaws.  No perfection here just normal people that made mistakes, just like me and just like you!

Hope throughout Matthew chapter 1, along with the rest of God's Word.  Normal people that God loved and He used to help everyone.  He loves all of us and here in this chapter we find out just how much...His Son Jesus was given this family tree filled with flawed men and women that HE still loved and sent His son to save...just like you and me!

Give thanks today for our family trees and for Jesus the savior of All!

Sweet blessings,

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