Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giving thanks for Doctors and Nurses...

Yes, today is a great day to give thanks for the people that we don't want to see, but we do!

Yes, that would be doctors and nurses.  We want them when we want them and not before...

Seriously, isn't that about the way it is?  When we are sick we don't want the postman, the lawyer, the judge, nope we want a doctor and we want them now!  Otherwise, it's okay to run into them (some of them) in the grocery store speak and move on, but...

I'm making a joke, but we all indeed need to give thanks for the doctors and nurses we run to when we are not quite ourselves.  The people that know how to figure out what is going on and hopefully help us to feel better soon.  

I've been getting in those appointments at the end of the year and honestly I do give thanks for these people.  People we expect to know all the answers as soon as we ask the question.  

Dear medical friends please know that in someway that is a compliment that we think that much of you and expect you to know the answers...Forgive us for the times that we forget you are humans just like us.

We give thanks for our human doctors/nurses today, but we also give thanks for "The Great Physician" the one that we all serve.

Sweet blessings,

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