Monday, September 12, 2011


Today, reading Zechariah 6: 9-15 the picture and words of the LORD were so telling about the coming Messiah.

God gives detailed instructions and things mess up when we do not follow the instructions given. Once again, we are reminded of when Uzziah mingled the office of the priest which come from Levi with the house of David for kings. Very distinct lines with very distinct duties and they were not suppose to change them, but oops...he did! Trouble started!

In the reading today God instructs to make a crown a very ornate crown much like the one talked about in Revelation 19 that will be placed on the head of Jeshua. Now this is a just a symbol of the future Messiah and this is showing that the Messiah is the one that will unite the two lines!

The Messiah will come from Israel, he will build the eternal temple, He will be glorious (13) He will be king and priest, He makes peace, He opens the kingdom to all, He will fulfill God's Word, and He will demand obedience! Reading this this morning reminded me of the crown of thorns and all that Christ did for me and for you! He cleans us up! He had to for us to ever be made clean and yet we still cannot comprehend all that He did for each of us! The price He paid...The pain...the Love...all for you and for me!

God gives instructions with details and they do matter, don't let any one tell you that God's Words do not matter. Yes, Christ came for you and for me and He took our sins, but God still wants our obedience! He knows the plans, we take detours, and God must clean us up after our detours! Open My heart and ears to hear your desires for me and the courage to step into your plans and not my own!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Yes indeed, God's Words do matter!!