Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Come running!

When I whistle to them, they will come running, for I have redeemed them. Zechariah 10: 8

Reading this morning this scripture and then knowing this afternoon we begin a Bible study on Ruth this verse just got me! God is telling us that we must never stop short, we must go in haste and HE will redeem us! It requires us to respond, we must take the steps!

Is God stirring your heart?

Is God asking you to step out in faith in something new and different?

Is God asking you to respond?

Don't wait!

Lately studying Ruth I've often thought what did she take with her? Did she take anything to remind her of home? Did she want a clean break, so she left with nothing? Was she barefoot like the woman smiling in the photo running toward her new life with God? Did she hesitate at all? What about you? If God called today, told you leave all that is familiar right now...would you be running with a smile on your face saying okay?

Lord, it is my prayer that when you whistle that I will come running...I know that it isn't always so, I beg forgiveness for those times. I know that You alone redeem me and never do I want to fail you, but then in my heart I know just how often I do. I am so sorry. I love you LORD and it is my prayer that my courage and strength in You will give me the courage that it is YOU and not me anyway...so I just need to take the step! Amen

In closing, I was reminded of the old saying...about whistling while we work! Well we are doing God's work so let's whistle on the road to redemption!
Sweet blessings,


Frankie said...

As I think about all of the people in the Bible that God used, I realize that each of their situations required courage. Alot of courage! Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joshua, Rahab, David, Jeremiah, Ezekial, Ruth, Zechariah, Ezra,Mary, Joseph, etc....

I believe that if you are going to be used by God to make a difference, He will probably ask you to be courageous in some matter, task or journey that He has for you. Lord give us courage to go, to do or to speak up for You!

Marty Hamilton said...

I want to be running with a smile. Lord, help me.