Monday, October 8, 2012

Come and follow me!

Are you someone that it's easy to take that step out of your comfort zone?  Remember, when you were younger and perhaps friends ask you to try something different perhaps try out for cheerleader, or a sport, or even the school talent show?  Perhaps you were like me and that just was not comfortable for you!  

Then we progress to college and a whole new world.  Picking your lifetime job to begin studying for at the age of 18 was quite a challenge for me!  I think I switched majors 4 times and at the age of 40 something finally realized that my calling was nothing like I studied in college, but it was something that was a challenge for me.  A step way out of my comfort zone.  A step away from all that I knew, but it felt right in my heart and still does!

Imagine, you are out fishing with your family and fishing is your line of work.  It's how you provide for your family by the fish you catch you feed your family as well as those that purchase them.  Suddenly you notice this man walking along the shore that calls out, "Come, follow me" and immediately you leave your nets and follow him.  Do you think they paused and looked at each other or immediately tossed the net to follow Jesus?  Look at the story in Matthew 3: 18-22 and ponder these thoughts for yourself.  

Once Jesus captures your heart I believe you are able to leave your net immediately with His help!  What is Jesus calling to you?  Is He calling you to come?  Is He calling you to step away from the net and allow Him to show you a new way to proceed with your life?

Today listen carefully to the voice calling you!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I wonder what the disciples knew about Jesus when they left their fishing nets and followed Him? Had they even heard of Jesus or seen Him before that day? Is this what you hear referred to as "blind" faith? Much to ponder.