Saturday, October 27, 2012

Follow Me

I woke up this morning still tired.  I tossed, I tumbled, and tossed, and tumbled more last night.  I just can't seem to relax and honestly I seem to do the same thing when I'm awake during the day.  My mind is jumbled, my thoughts are jumbled and I'm not sure of my next step.

I awoke early to read God's Word and was lead to the story of Levi being called to follow Jesus.  Levi is the disciple that later became Matthew.  Remember he was a tax collector and others viewed him as less than desirable, but Jesus saw something special in him.  So he said the words in Luke 5:27 ~ Follow me.  

I love that Jesus calls all of us to follow Him and that absolutely none of us are worthy.  Or I will speak for myself and know that I am not worthy.  At times I feel this so strongly and He always reminds me just like this morning.  I called you because you are worthy because of me Debbie.  

I am always amazed how I am directed to a scripture that touches my heart where I am in the moment.  Lately due to stress from life in general I've questioned what I'm doing and where I'm going, but this morning ever so gently the Lord reminded me that He called me to Follow Him.  Now He didn't give me the answers to all my questions, but He reminded me that what is important is just to Follow Him.  So, I'm following and we shall see where exactly He leads me.

I'm still not certain, but I'm okay with that knowing He will show me the certainty of the next path.  I am experiencing the pangs of unsteady feet along the path, because He knows where we are headed, but I don't.  Yet I know it is an adventure that I don't want to miss, so I've taken His hand to parts unknown and we shall see where He takes me now!  It's exciting yet jumbled times waiting to watch it all unfold along the way!  Stepping with faith to parts unknown...


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