Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Always amazed!

It is my prayer that I never loose those goose bump moments of God showing up in my life!  I love those moments when I realize that Our Savior sees me or anyone else for that matter!  Do you not love to hear these moments shared by the people around you?  Don't you love the reminders of God's Mighty Power?

This week in one of our Bible study groups we have been looking at Ezekiel 1- 2 and how God might be using a storm in our life to speak to us and are we allowing the storm to wake us up.  I love the reading that we studied this week with the wonderful reminder throughout of God's Power and are we even realizing how powerful He truly is.  You would think this point would be well obvious, but with the busy world we reside in      is it?  Do we realize it?  Do we get caught up in the storm and forget to look at the power in the storm?  Do we open our eyes and receiving the message that God might have for each of us?

I am responding by sharing this amazing passage with each of you.  Read it and really listen to the word that God might be sharing with you!  My message was to open my eyes and allow God to show me His Power!
What is your message? 

I will be waiting to hear the gift of the message that God had for each of you!

Sweet blessings,

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