Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where do we try to achieve wisdom?

Wisdom is much better than Gold!  Check out Proverbs 16:16 and let me know your thoughts!

I love this process of drawing scripture and making you think about it, while you create.  I know, I know the art buyers are going to be banging on my door...ha! ha!, but that is not what this is about it's about growth and joy!  So there critics!

A few thoughts from the past few days about where people might be getting their wisdom and what God pointed out to me!  Ouch! Ouch! Truth hurts sometimes!

Well, in case you are living in a room without news the lottery is into the billion range and people are going nuts.  Now I heard a few statistics that you have a better chance of being president and well most of us aren't even running for that job than winning the lottery!  Yet, people are standing in lines for hours waiting for their opportunity at the gold.  Another sad statistic is that a lot of past winners went broke after winning their jackpot...not to be Debbie Downer because well the possibilities of things one could do with that money...but wisdom with God means eternity with Him!  Weight that one on the scales and see which one is better for you!

Another is ~ did you happen to tune in to the Bachelor for a few laughs last week.  I admit that I turned it on to have a laugh and not thinking about anybody going to find true love, because again statistics speak to this not happening for most of the people that show up on this show.  It's sad the spectacle that the women are going to just to get this young mans attention...rose on the head, pony, kisses, raising chickens...the list is crazy!  I did laugh some, but honestly I was ashamed to admit and am ashamed to admit I watched it.  It's awful that people are looking for love by grasping for attention by antics...again where are we looking for wisdom Debbie!  Last night, I did not watch I watched Alabama win the National Championship!  Yes!  

Now, this brings up another topic.  Bitterness, really folks let it go! Celebrate the hard work these teams put in to get to this game and remember it is a football game! I am a true Arkansas Razorback fan!  Go hogs go, but Alabama is my 2nd favorite team.  I pull for them always when they don't play Arkansas.  I know we all love our teams, but wow what an amazing game.  It could have gone either way.  Clemson showed amazing talent, grace, and hard work, but somebody must win the game.  Again, we take our sports way too seriously in the wisdom of what matters in life....again this is speaking to me!

I leave you with this question again.  Where are we looking to achieve wisdom?

Check out Proverbs 16:16!

Sweet blessings,

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