Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Beginnings, New Joy

The only way to begin a new year, new month, a new day, or even moment is with God leading the way!  Simple enough, but we get sidetracked  with life.  It seems that we (I) would be wise enough to take His hand the moment we (I) open our(my) eyes to begin each new day, but ...

I have many things that I am processing right now.  Some things out of my control and just things I know that God will handle  the way they are suppose to be handled.  Some things He is expecting me to make choices and allow Him to guide me through them.

If any of you have ever attended a retreat I've been involved with I believe in women taking part at these times to let scripture speak to them.  We may discuss the scripture and what word they believe The Spirit is speaking to them about or we may draw about scripture...well I have been taking the drawing scripture seriously and intend to continue this journey.  It is wonderful to feel the growth by taking the time to create with the Creator guiding me.  I am only showing this to you to encourage you to perhaps start this process as well.  It's fun.  It's insightful.  It's fulfilling.  

Next, now this is a hard one to share, but I've always been honest with you and I will not stop now.  I know that many of you know I've gained weight. SURPRISE!  I'm not in the dark about it and well quite honestly it's not about others and their thoughts on my weight.  It's about me and it not being good for me. 

 Kenny wanted to take a photo this past weekend of me and Cassie I refused.  He assured me that I was beautiful to him and always would be, but well I am not to myself!  So, the journey of weight loss begins.  I didn't get here overnight, so it will not be done overnight.  Also, I am  being honest here...truthfully please don't give helpful weight loss hints!  Honesty hurts enough sometimes and it is my journey!  Prayers for God's help in this area are welcome!

I have to tell you that even with the weight gain, the issues that are out of my control that God is handling; I am joyful and excited about what God is doing in my life.  I know challenges are ahead, but I know that I don't face any challenge without God helping me or guiding me...it's just a matter of whether I step back out of the way and let Him guide me!

So I am off to drink my water and draw!

Sweet blessings,


Linda said...

Love your drawings! Callie and I both completed an Advent Art Journal and it was such a great experience. Some days, my art was really nice, and other days. . . Not so much. But, I experienced Advent in a much more meaningful way and I discovered that even the not so great drawings/doodling/lettering didn't look so bad when in the midst of all the other pages. Kind of a metaphor for life, isn't it?!?! Good luck on the weight loss journey, as well---seems like the older we get, the more often we have to battle it! ;-)

debbie said...

It is a lot of fun! Have you seen the Bibles that give you room to draw in the margins. They are beautiful and there is a great group on Facebook to join by the Time Warp Wife.

have a great day!