Friday, January 15, 2016

Fabulous book! A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason

5 star Christian fiction that is well worth your time!

Did you ever wonder what it was like to be a young lady leaving home and family behind traveling to the United States to a whole new life?  Well, through Susan's words we get an idea and it's great!  I felt Maggie's eyes get big standing next to the railing pulling into New York by the Statue of Liberty and I felt her heart pounding with excitement and a little fear of the unknown yet I felt her strength!  The Irish girl in the big city about to discover a whole new world and we live it with her.

I was given this book to review by Bethany House and it is fabulous.  You may purchase it through your local bookstores, or any of the other book websites you purchase books.  Give yourself a gift that is definitely one you will not be able to put down.

My hubby, Kenny had surgery this week and it was the perfect time between being his nurse and cook to read this wonderful book.  Honestly, I could not put it down and he may have had to wait a few minutes at times for me to run to his side.  Truly I enjoyed it that much.

I loved the way Susan built the characters that you see the quirks, the love, the jealousy, the dynamics of most families.  The things that happen that are out of our control that you know nothing about, yet play such a huge role in our journey on this earth.  A young man that is so filled with hurt that he makes bad choices yet in his heart he knows there is more to his story.  He knows something just isn't right and he digs to know why his father feels different towards him.  He wants to know why he isn't worthy of love and finds that indeed he is...

It is heart warming and beautifully woven with the love between 2 people, but also families and extended families.  It is truly 5 stars and I hope that my friends and family will read this book and feel God's love woven throughout this story, but also throughout your own story!  A true gift thanks Susan Mason for this beautiful authentic story!

Love this book!

Sweet blessings,

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