Thursday, January 14, 2016

Need a little joy? Well this study might be helpful!

I enjoyed this study written by Sue Edwards on Philippians.  It is easy to work through, but yet she gives enough extra in depth that you might be pressed to go deeper with her extras...because you want to know more!  You want the growth of the digging deeper.

I was given this Bible study to review by Kregel Publications for an honest review to be written on this blog.  Honestly, Kregel never sends me a book I don't enjoy or maybe sometimes they step on my toes, but I grow from the journey! (so I enjoy in the long run)

The study is 8 lessons with Sue giving you a link to download and she teaches a brief segment for more added insight.  I thought they were good videos providing just enough added details without going on and on and loosing anybody's attention.  I liked  that you could watch them when it worked for each individual that wants to do the study.  If someone misses the study (in a group setting) it doesn't mean they miss the video.

I also enjoyed that Sue relates it to where we are right now in time.  Beginning with Paul being in prison when he wrote this letter back to the time that Paul was with the people in Philippi.  It was a a great way to picture and really begin to be a part of the book of Philippians.

The quotes used are fabulous!  I am a huge woman of quotes they speak to my heart and help me relate to others and she brings in absolutely thought provoking ones.  One of my favorites was found in lesson 2 from Tom Wright in his book "Paul for Everyone" ~ "There is a wonderful old prayer attributed to the sixteenth-century sailor Sir Francis Drake.  He prays that when God leads us to undertake any great piece of work, he will also remind us "that it is not the beginning, but the continuing of the same, until it be thoroughly finished that yieldeth the true glory."...Once you've set off on a journey, there's no point stopping half way."  
Isn't this great?  I mean picture Paul in prison with a man chained to him, cold surroundings, hardly any light would it not have been awfully easy to not write this letter?  Yet, he did so that God's glory would continue to shine through him.  Powerful message for each of us!

Another one from week 3 that Sue shared again from Tom Wright's book on Paul and this one is so good too.  "For a traveling apostle to be put in prison must have seemed like a concert pianist having his hands tied behind his back.  How can he possibly continue the work he's been called to do?  But Paul, with his strong belief in the way God works through unlikely circumstances, is ready with the answer."  Yes, God is ready are we ready to allow Him to use our circumstances?

A lot of meat in this study!  I don't like to give a lot away when I write a book review other than encouragement to purchase it and allow yourself to take this journey with Sue, but mostly with God.  Sue points to God throughout and your relationship definitely will be refined in the process.  I learned throughout that my circumstances are not for naught God uses them and we all know this, but through Paul we definitely see the example.  Sue walks us through the journey beautifully!

Sue definitely steps on a few toes in the study, which I believe for growth toe stepping is a necessary feature.  Serving in women's ministry for years myself as Sue did lesson 3 really steps on toes...she speaks of jealousy and comparison and how we some times allow this character flaw to trip us up and get in the way of what truly matters.  Sue is honest sharing her own struggles with this and quite honestly I struggled to and this helped me to realize my own struggles!

Rather than give away more details that I hope you will experience yourself...purchase the book through Amazon. com or any of your favorite book buying spots!  I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 just because we always have room to grow!

Happy Bible study girl,

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