Thursday, June 25, 2009

Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard...A neat place a few fun facts that I've learned today.

Martha's Vineyard holds a county fair with very unusual is a skillet throw for women and the winning toss was 70 feet!

Diane Sawyer bought a home here about 7 to 10 years ago for the record price of $10 million at the longer the record holder.

Years ago, the ship captains wifes did not want to live on the water anymore so they moved away from the water to guess what street? Cowturd Lane, yes you read that right..the name was changed to Music St. because of all the piano playing on the street. I'm sure it was better to say you lived on Music St. anyway.

Also, Charles and Anne Linburgh spent a lot of time on this island after the loss of their child. They wanted to get away from all the publicity. Her parents had a home on the island and according to a 90 year lady on the island that worked as their maid..Charles slept in a tent in the yard rather than in the house.

Also, they have a festival on the island that the children all make their way to the sea and place flowers in the sea in memory of all the men that have been lost at sea.

When the Clinton's vacationed here they could not come in Air Force One because the airport runways are really short. The reason being the Navy would practice landing on these runways and they are no longer than an aircraft carrier.

During World War II the people were afraid on the island. The truth is a U2 boat did land on the island. They got about 5 miles from the boat and were recognized because of having different boots and raincoats than the normal people..

Also, we saw Gloria Swanson's home that Joe Kennedy purchased for her years ago. The house was right on an inlet, so that he could come and go and also of the bootlegging that he was known for up in these parts. Very much true they said that the money was from bootlegging.

Let's see in the town I was told that Meg Ryan was in town, that Caroline Kennedy owns a home near town, Carly Simon, Mike Wallace....on and on...I didn't pass by any of them at least that I noticed, but oh I did find some neat shopping...

Also, we passed the Methodist campground with the Gingerbread Houses and it was really neat...

I think this has been my favorite stop by far...Nantucket was nice, but I liked Martha's Vineyard and oh another thing I learned in town....word is our President comes here to raise a lot of money for the DNC...He spent over a week here last summer just raising money from the local folks that have plenty to pass around. Word is he is actually coming again in a few weeks to raise a little bit more.

I'm thinking that the stimulus package could be helped out tremendously by raising funds in these towns that I've passed through the last few days...lots of it around this part of the country...

I did like it though, when the sun shined.


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Frankie said...

How interesting! Was that an "iron" skillet like we have in the South? Seventy feet would be a long way for an "iron" skillet.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with us. Have a good evening!