Monday, June 1, 2009

Sir, you have no bucket!

When you were growing up did you have a well? I love photos like the one shown of old wells.

The story continued from yesterday continues at the well with Sam telling Jesus that he had nothing to draw water with and the well is deep. I learned they cleaned the well back in 1935, it was found to be 138 feet deep! (10 stories tall or deep) It wasn't an easy task to draw water from this well. Think about it and it is the only water source for miles and miles. Jesus offered Sam water, but it wasn't from this well.

The water he was offering would quinch all thirsts! Heal all wounds! When the lady refered to the well being deep, do you think it possibly could have meant her pain as well? Her pain of the loss of 5 husbands, whether it was death, divorce, walking away...whatever you know her pain was deep. It hurt and the wound was probably opened up everyday on that lonely walk to the well passing all the other women that went together earlier in the day. She had her wound scrapped off everyday by being shut off from all the other women. She was one of those women. Look at how she leads her life. It was a deep painful well in her heart.

Jesus shares with Sam that this water will take care of this thirst like none other. She will never be thirsty again. Picture it, don't you see her leaning closer and closer to Jesus. Just a drop Lord give me just a drop. I need this so badly, please.

Some of you reading this may be in terrible pain of loss from divorce, death, being alone, rejection, the list just goes on and on of why we grieve on earth, but Jesus offers us hope. Someone does see your deepest pain and is offering you hope and healing. The only way to get through this pain is with the Living Water. Ask Him for a drink today!

Tomorrow we will continue with this story for one more day....

Drinking the water,

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