Sunday, May 31, 2009

Insecurity, Hiding, Alone

Do you ever feel insecure, like you are all alone in this world, or that nobody sees you and you don't really want them to? Well, I can say with much confidence that you aren't alone!

I believe that at some point in every woman's life she feels insecure. Standing in the check out line at the grocery store and you look at the magazine covers. A couple of interesting stories~ Age Proof your health simple steps to a better body, sharper memory and endless energy...or the latest celebrity in her bikini with a knock out figure and she's 50!!!! Yes, I think at some point insecurity sets in.

Yesterday, was the first day I could swim in the pool. It was wonderful, but I wasn't. I put on that swimsuit and it was not a pretty sight...let me tell you it was not good. I enjoyed the water, the relaxation, but the whole time it was that nagging you are in terrible shape, you look terrible and I was saying yes you are right. I always take a book and read. I picked up the right book and I know it was Spirit appointed. I've had the book for months and I actually went looking for it.

The book was talking about the Samaritan woman from John 4 and all the feelings that Sam would have had. Yes, she called her Sam and I like was easier to identify with a woman that had a name. The story really began to speak to me, so I thought I'm going to share it from my point of view with you today.

We don't know what Sam looked like, but the story tells us that she was on her way to get water. A chore much like grocery shopping for some of us, to mail the bills, or to the dentist. A chore had to be done and she was on the way in the middle of the day. It was hot and she was alone. One must wonder what was going through her mind on the journey to the well. Did she speak to anyone along the way? Do you? Do you want to melt into the background and hope that nobody notices you?

Jesus was waiting. Sam didn't realize it was Jesus, but it was Him. He was tired and he was resting. Now first off Jesus the scripture tells us had to go through Samaria. Not a normal thing for Jews they didn't like Samaria most of the time they went around it rather than mingle with these folks...Jesus had an appointment to keep in the middle of a hot day at a well with Sam. He requested for her to give him a drink...Jesus knew that Sam needed something that only He could provide, so He came. He could have sent somebody else, but He knew she needed Him.

Jesus knew why she was at the well in the heat of the day, alone. He knew that she was insecure, she had things she wanted to hide and He wanted to give her something that she needed ~ Him. Something she could hang her heart to and know it was okay, something that would fill her hole in her heart. The things she was clinging into in her life, certainly were never going to fill her up...The men ~ 6 to be exact that she had tried to fill her life up with ~ was never going to fill her up. The thing that struck me that I didn't focus on before, so much was Jesus was waiting on her. Yes, He was taking the time for this one woman at the well. She didn't matter to anybody else, but she mattered to Jesus. He made the time for her. Do you ever feel this way? Jesus is waiting for you!

Jesus spoke to Sam on an ordinary day, doing a very ordinary chore. What about you?
What if you imagine Jesus standing beside you in that grocery store line or sitting at that red light? What would Jesus think about that fight that you and your spouse had this morning about nothing? Oswald Chambers had a quote that says "Get into the habit of saying, 'Speak Lord'," "and my life will become like a romance." I love it!

It is so true! If we begin to look for The Lord our life looks different. WE take the focus off ourselves and focus on Him and we are amazed at what we see. It is almost like looking through rose colored glasses. Things do look a lot different! Yesterday, in the pool I took my eyes off Jesus and on to myself and the insecurities grew, but right there I had my heart open for Him to remind me that He takes the time for me and that He loves me. Yes, I've got some work to do on this figure. Yes, I'm almost fifty. Yes, it doesn't matter!!! Jesus reminded me that He loves me and that He takes the time for me just like the woman at the well. It was awesome folks right there in my pool...I was reminded that God loves me and wants to spend time with me in the heat of the day when I'm alone and insecure He cares!!!

Don't miss the chance to see what God is doing in your life. Don't miss the time He is reminding you that He loves you. Look for Him it is the great I am ~ it is not a coincidence - it is much bigger than any coincidence it is a divine appointment!!!

Swimming with My Eyes on the Master,

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Frankie said...

Yes, I do feel insecure at times. I am certain that insecurity is a scheme from the enemy that keeps us from doing all that God has for us to do. I pray that I can rise above insecurity today, because I don't want to miss any divine appointments that God has set for me.