Friday, May 22, 2009


Details! Such attention to details is what came to my mind in today's reading about Solomon building his palace and the furnishings of the temple. I kept pondering all the details and why so many?

God showed up and shared with me it is about ME! I kept thinking share with me more...He began to tell me to look for more on the story. Look into your heart and what do you think I'm telling you. So, research began...

Did you know that creativity comes from the Latin word creatus and is related to the word "creator". It is our relationship with God, the creator that makes us who we are! I believe that it is our walk with The Lord that makes us more creative. Think about it...before your walk with Our Savior did you have any really good ideas?
I know that my best ideas have come since my walk with the Lord truly began and I think it is because I receive His ideas, straight from heaven so to speak.

Solomon was wise and he was creative because of his relationship with God. Wow, can you imagine with the combo what we can do? Ask the Lord today what idea do you have for me? Look at the picture...a blank page can become beautiful butterflies only because of God...just like you and me!

Thinking creative,

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Frankie said...

I love that picture! Something to ponder on today the connection between our Creator, God, and our own creativity. Hoping to be more creative with His help today.