Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't forget me!

Do you ever think nobody sees me? Do you think am I invisible? At times, it seems that nobody notices me and my prayers go unanswered as well.

I loved the Psalm 13 for tomorrow's reading ~ How long will you forget me? Forever?
Please no Lord. How would we get by if God forgot us forever? No very well.

Please answer or I will struggle in my anguish. The sorrow will grow daily and the devil wins the whole time.

We are reminded that we must show our trust and our faith in God's unfailing love. We must praise God because you do rescue us everyday and you do hear us. God you are so good to us and this beautiful Psalm reminds us that we are not forgotten. Thank you Father!!


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Frankie said...

God's unfailing love - I needed to be reminded that His love is unfailing. When my prayers aren't answered like I think they should be answered, God's love is still unfailing. I pray that I would keep my trust and my faith where it needs to be, in God's unfailing love. Who am I to be disappointed in the Great I Am?