Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God gave wisdom, understanding, knowledge as vast as the seashore!

Well, here are kings and the kingdom made out of sand! Sand have you ever played with it at the beach and looked at the tiny particles the numbers of sand particles is vast. Do you know what vast means? HUGE....Big...you get the picture.

God gave Solomon great wisdom, understanding, knowledge as vast as the seashore. How much is that? HUGE, BIG! We can't even comprehend how much God gave Solomon. After all, we can't comprehend what He does for us much less a king that lived a long time ago....or do you?

Solomon had a unified, secure, strong kingdom. They had enough food and drink and were very happy people, enjoying the basic comforts of life. Don't we have the same? God blessed America and what are we and what have we been doing with the blessings? It is never enough, is it? Are we squandering what God gave us? The reading today really bothered me as an American with the freedoms that we have and the general attitude of our country. We had a unified, secure and strong kingdom at one point, do we still? I think we are still secure and strong, but we certainly aren't unified...just turn on the nightly news. Which if we turned it off, we might unify quicker!!!

Solomon was so wise that he kept the horses and chariots placed for security reasons throughout the kingdom. They served as a deterrent for foreign aggressors. The barley and straw were supplied daily by the governors in each of the areas to be sure the horses were ready and strong to defend. Do we keep our military ready and strong to defend? Are we trying to pull back from our military? Let's keep them strong to defend. Let's learn from the wisdom of Solomon...Strength is important!!

Solomon was wise, but didn't always apply it to his own life. After all, how wise is a man that had 700 wives and an additional 300 concubines? 1000 women to get through helping to make them happy...not exactly wise to exist by is it? Solomon had the wisdom or knowledge, but didn't always use in regards to himself, did he? Maybe a little bit like us???

Solomon was wise (smart) with insight and God showed His faithfulness in all that he granted Solomon because of the promise he made him. Solomon was able to get to the core issues. He was smart and very knowledgeable. He wrote over 3000 proverbs and some of Ecclesiastes, a lot of the songs that are in Song of Solomon. We can still learn a lot from Solomon today! What do you think Solomon taught you through the reading today? Do you want insight to get through the day? Let's learn from Our Savior and consult with Our Father today!


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