Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning Walk

The young lady in the picture isn't me, surprise..She is in Thailand walking and I am here in Louisiana doing mine. I wonder if God talks to her on her morning walks? He did to me this morning on my walk. The Spirit wanted me to share something, so here I am again at the computer blogging...

You know the past few days have been about the Proverbs. Well, I'm also working on a women's conference that will happen in January and one of the speakers is Jan Silvious. Jan is a fabulous speaker and author. I've had the pleasure to hear her and to read her books. Over the past several days, I've been reading "Fool ~ Proofing Your Life" and yes it is about the fools mentioned in Proverbs. Many of you that know me ~ know that I don't believe in coincidences, I believe they are divine appointments from God.

Well, God pointed out once again on this walk this morning that He had a divine appointment with me and that I was to share a few of Jan's thoughts with you and encourage you to take a look at her book on this subject. So, here I am!

Jan's book is about dealing honorably with impossible people in your life. Do you know any of these type of folks? Look at the list of a few characteristics that a relationship with a fool makes the relationship difficult: despair, fear, guilt, always blamed when something is "wrong", walk on eggshells, chaotic...the list goes on and on. Do you have any relationship that you feel any of these things? Well, it might be you or your other party might be foolish at times....

A quote that she request we consider in the book is "To love a fool is like hugging a fan; you will only be sliced up in the process." Whoa, that is a bit harsh, but have you ever felt that way or do you think anybody might have felt this way with you? The Proverbs are definitely worth a look at and much prayerful thought given to them and I suggest you purchase Jan's book and give it a look and a thought as well.

In closing, take your walk with God today! It is so worth that intimate time to share a walk and a talk to get the fuel and refreshment that you need to get through this fabulous Friday!

Praising God,

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