Sunday, May 24, 2009


What is your definition of worthless? I look at this picture and think wow the view must have been amazing. Isn't it amazing, how we all look at the same view and see different things? Even though Hiram called this area worthless, he still paid Solomon 9000 pounds of gold for it. I think I define worthless a little differently. Thank goodness God does too! I may seem worthless to you, but never to God!!!! I am beautifully and wonderfully made and so are each of you!!!

I've read these scriptures about the temple and the palace with wow...look at all the details. God is definitely into details, so that must mean He is in to the details of our life. Yes, even the little things that we don't think matter. Oops, even those things that we might think are hidden...God must care about those too!

Another thing that grabbed my attention was that it took Solomon longer to build his palace than the temple. 7 years for the temple and 13 years for his personal palace. Does this strike anybody else as not being quite right? Once again, did he put personal ahead of God? Do you think it was okay with God? We don't have any references that God was unhappy about it. We all know that the temple was built to the specs that God gave David, so it was the way God wanted it built. Do we care more about our own things than God's? Do we take more time for the me things? I don't like to look at these things sometimes, how about you?

The one thing that really got my attention from today's reading was from 1 Kings 8 around verse 56 ~~ Not one word has failed of all the wonderful promises he (God) gave through his servant Moses. Look at the people around you ~ do they keep their promises? God does ~ Always and Forever! Plus I am valuable to God always,

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