Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh, how The Mighty Word refreshs you and gets you ready for the day!! Well, more Psalms today and I've so enjoyed the readings. A fresh, new look at the scripture and oh how much I am learning. Thank you Lord!

The two that I want to focus on today are 133 and 131, both are songs that the pilgrims sang when they were ascending to Jerusalem for the festivals. Don't you just hear them singing on the journey, glorifying God and saying Thanks.

Psalm 131 was such a beautiful picture of harmony. It is a beautiful picture when all stay together and especially when brothers and sisters in Christ are all together in Christ. The visual is of the anointing oil being poured on Aaron's head and running all the way down his beard to his robe. The anointing oil would have been something like olive oil or another fruit and it would have smelled nice. This verse is also an indication about Aaron and the special servant that he was. Are we?

The next visual was the morning dew. Don't you love the dew in the early morning and the sign of the water that the grass and flowers need to get by. God gives us the dew (water) To live for the harsh or hot times that might be ahead.

Zion is very special to the Jewish people it became the place that God dwelled among them with Jerusalem being the place that they placed the temple on the mountain. Harmony in our lands we all love. All land is special because God gives it to us for our use and God blesses our life everlasting. Forever is a long time!!!

Psalm 131~ David was a powerful man, but he didn't feel more important than others. I love this psalm and the reminder that we are all the same. It reminds us that we need to do not concern ourselves with things that we don't understand. We need to be baby content in our souls knowing that God is in control. The imagery of the baby no longer crying, just satisfied that is what we all desire. The final reminder that we, believers in Christ must still today in 2009 place and wait with hope because we are God believers. Content and in harmony and only because of Jesus feelings we want all people to achieve. Share Jesus today!

Have a fabulous Friday! I'll be waiting for you in the morning in the Word.


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