Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So many choices!

Sometimes choices are really difficult, aren't they? Women have to have just the right outfit, for just that special occasion. We must have exactly the right pair of shoes that really make the outfit! We have to wear really knock out jewelry to go along with the rest of the many choices and this is just about what to wear.

Today's reading, struck me Solomon was able to ask for anything from God and he requested wisdom. It got my little brain going what would I request?

In the world today we hear a lot about the choices we make and the consequences of those decisions, but think about Solomon what if he had made a different choice. God gave Solomon a divine vision in his dreams. Do you dream? Do you think God might give you a message in your dreams? I think He does with me at times. Oh, we all like to sometimes chalk things up to coincidences, but I believe they are divine appointments. I don't believe in concidences anymore.

Did you know that Solomon means peace? The name derives from shalom. Remember God told David that He would give his son, Solomon peace in the kingdom. God also named Solomon by telling David what to name him.

The scripture tell us that God was pleased with Solomon's choice. So God replied, Because you have asked for wisdom and you didn't ask for wealth, etc...I will give you what you asked for! I will give you a wise and understanding heart such as no one else had had or ever will have! And I will give you what you didn't ask for - riches and fame! No one will compare to you.

Wow, is the same true of us? If we put things in the right perspective, we learn to have wisdom and accept grace, they bring a prosperity in the right manner, don't they? How? By consulting with God and talking with him about everything!!! Yes, everything!

Prayer is the way to achieve wisdom in our choices, isn't it? If we listen or even a bigger issue if we wait for the answer. We must always talk to God about our choices to get the wisdom that we need to make the right one.

Solomon received wisdom because he requested it. Solomon received everything else because he did not ask for it!


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Frankie said...

Perhaps because Solomon asked for wisdom, we have the book of Proverbs. The introduction to Proverbs credits Solomon as the writer of most of that book. I pray that I would seek wisdom from God Almighty and His Word that He has provided for us.