Sunday, May 17, 2009

So Obedient

Today, I am going to talk about a movie that I went to see yesterday. Not one that you will probably catch at the big theaters, but a wonderful movie. "The Cross" about Arthur Blessitt is a great movie. It is a documentary based on Arthur's journey around the world.

First, I have to tell you that I remember seeing images of this man on the news when I was a little girl. The thoughts that went through my mind were not good thoughts about him. I thought that man must be crazy, or he is just down right nuts. I have to admit that I was wrong ~ very wrong.

Arthur was being obedient to God. The definition is to dutifully comply to a command. God told Arthur to take the cross and go around the world and he was obedient and did just that. He didn't want to..He loved his ministry in LA on Sunset strip, but he did what God commanded.

I sat and watched the movie and was utterly blown away with where this man went with the Cross. Right through war zones, the jungle, the snow, the mountains, the desert, it was unbelievable, but what moved me the most was how all people responded to the Cross. Even if they didn't know the story they were drawn to the cross. Take your family and check out this man's story. God used him and is using him in a huge way!!

To dutifully comply to a command, isn't always easy. Are you ready when you get a command? How would you answer? How would I answer?

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Frankie said...

We don't all receive a command like Arthur Blessitt did, but God still desires our obedience even in what we perceive as small things. Small acts of obedience could lead to big things for God. I believe that God weaves it all into something grand. Perhaps like when Arthur took his first step of obedience with that cross about 40 years ago. Look at that whole story now, it is huge!