Monday, May 11, 2009


I've got a question for you today. You only have to ask yourself this question and be honest. How are you today? Truly how are you today?

Did you answer truthfully? or did you give the same answer you might give a co-worker or friend that ask you the question today? I'm fine, but on the inside you feel like your world is falling apart. Is this you?

Well, today's reading and yesterday at church the message was speaking to this question at least for me. The pastor shared the story from 2 Kings 4 the Shunammite woman's story and the loss of her son. The lady immediately wanted to get to the person she connected with God. So, immediately she wanted a donkey and a servant to go to this man. Her husband's response was why, it isn't even Sunday?

Anyway, she is on her way and Elisha saw her coming in a distance and sent his servant immediately to ask her 3 questions...First, Are you alright? Is your husband alright? Is your child all right? and she answered....Everything is all right.

Well, the pastor pointed out that she was a true Southern woman and she was faking it. Dont' you agree? Look at this story...How could she be alright? Her child had just died, her husband cared more about working in the field than helping her with the loss of their child and why would she run to who or what represented God on a day other than Sunday?

How often do you do the same thing? Someone ask you the question how are you today? Immediately you say fine ...but on the inside you have been up all night worried about your child, you and your husband just had a huge fight about something or your parents aren't feeling well and you don't know how to handle it? Why do we fake it?
Who do you run to?

In Psalm 39 today it talks about how frail we are and the only satisfaction will be found in communion with God. Yet how often to we try to find satisfaction in other earthly things? Remember the old song I can't get no satisfaction???

In my own humble opinion all too often we are like the lady and we are in denial about where we are and we just can't open up to the fact that we aren't the perfect person with the perfect life, etc. Why is this so hard, when we all know that none of us are perfect? None of us have the perfect life, perfect situations, perfect anything, but yet we pretend that we are alright!

I believe that it is time to share with God your true feelings and shortcomings and allow Him to heal the wounds. The Word tells us that we are just a traveler passing through and to leave me alone so I can smile again before I am gone and exist no more. I don't know about you, but I want to smile again and the only way to smile again is to be honest with Our Savior. Let Him heal your wounds and don't pull that southern woman thing of everything is just dandy!!



Frankie said...

Am I starting the week out honest with myself?
Am I "chewing" on wisdom? Am I letting God's word run through my veins? These last two messages, wow! What reminders to self-assess how I am doing every now and then! No, I am not fine. My heart is filled with sadness over the death of a loved one. I know that I will be fine though because of the One who cares for me with His unfailing love. Sharing the truth with you.

Anonymous said...

this is a hard one! i guess i struggle with "trying" to handle everything myself, without help from others. i know that God wants us to lean on our friends for support, but i feel as if it would be a burden. i actually do share with God my fears, my worries, my feelings, afterall He already knows everything we say, do and feel anyway. in saying that, He is probably the only one that i am honest with about "how am i today"? i am trying really hard to turn it all over to Him, it is a work in progress, but i will get there.
p.s. thank you for yesterday.