Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dog and Cat

I loved Psalm 37 today especially verses 30 & 31 from the Message version ~
30-31 Righteous chews on wisdom like a dog on a bone,
rolls virtue around on his tongue.
His heart pumps God's Word like blood through his veins;
his feet are as sure as a cat's.

I am a pet person! I love my dog and love to watch them play with their bones. They love their bones more than me (almost) I think they realize I'm the one that gives them their bones and food, so I'm first. I love the imagery of the verses of we chew on wisdom and that our heart pumps for God's Word just as much as we need the blood flowing through our veins we need the Word.

I just learned how much a few years ago. I crave the Word. I crave what God wants to tell me everyday. I can't wait to get up and find out what God is going to show Debbie today. I learn so much and each day I have a new zest for life that I have because I do crave the Word and it definitely makes me more sure of the steps I'm suppose to take in this journey of life.

I was always insecure before I knew Christ like I do now. Don't get me wrong I knew God and believed, but I didn't have the intimate relationship with Him that He wants each of us to have. The friendship just like you have with your best friend, but even more. It's hard to image how wonderful this friendship is, but I encourage each of you that might read this to get down on your knees and say Lord I want that special intimate relationship with you! Only you Lord please show me the way!!

Craving More,

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