Saturday, May 2, 2009

Threshing floor, huh?

I had to post twice today! Too much stuff not to talk about it and to picture in our little brains or should I say my little brain...anyway...

I had to learn more about the threshing floor to totally picture the scripture today. You see the picture of an ancient threshing floor. Keep in mind that usually these were built in places that would catch the wind, so that the wind could help to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is plausible that it would have been located on a high hill. Keep in mind that the temple is later built at this site, so high on a hill the temple will be built. Mount Moriah is a plausible place. The other photo is a pic of Mount Moriah.

Other tidbits about this story...Araunah is a hebrew word that means agile. However, after reading further I learned that Araunah is clearly indicated to be a Jebusite, or part of the Hittites, so in reality the word means Lord and it is not a personal name but a title. The scholars believe that Araunah might have been another king or the king of Jerusalem at the time. He was an important man in this area that David came to build the altar and he purchased the floor from another king.

Another fact to remember is that Joab was reluctant and said so about taking the census. Do you wonder why? The scholars believe that it was a religious belief at the time that only God should know how many people were there. That the people belonged to God and God alone, so nobody else needed to know the number. Also, they think David's pride was once again a factor in wanting to know numbers...How often, do we do this in church? How many did you have? How many attended? Same is true in the secular world...

Wow, so much to cover today. Sorry I had to post twice..Just too much good information to not talk about it. Have a blessed day.

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Frankie said...

Thanks for helping me to understand the threshing floor. I had been wondering what exactly it was. The picture helped me out alot.