Monday, May 18, 2009

Earthquakes, Horns & A Cup of Wine and Q & A's

Time just flies! It is Monday morning again and the emails are already going. I pause for a moment to share the Mighty Word with my friends. A wonderful way to begin the week, the middle and the end as well!

Today, I will focus on Psalm 75 and77. First, Psalm 75 one of the commentaries I read called it "Earthquakes, HOrns & A cup of Wine...interesting combo, isn't it?
Thanks! Give Thanks! The Psalms have definitely been showing us to give thanks for all that God does and this one begins the same. One of the things I learned is that the Hebrew wordings says "Your name is near to us" meaning God is where his name is. I love this say His Mighty name and be reminded that God is with you!!!

God is our judge and it is timing when He will do the judging. It also illustrates that God will drain the wine to the dregs. Meaning? God will judge the people completely, wholely, entirely, all the way. Down to the last drop in other words. The Message says it in verse 7-8
God rules: he brings this one down to his knees,
pulls that one up on her feet.
God has a cup in his hand,
a bowl of wine, full to the brim.
He draws from it and pours;
it's drained to the dregs.
Earth's wicked ones drink it all,
drink it down to the last bitter drop!

Psalm 77 ~ Verses 7 ~ 9 ~ Have we not ask the same Questions? Have you rejected me Lord? Will you be nice to me? Will you truly love me forever? Have you forgotten about grace? Did you slam the door on not letting me be hurt? At times, when life is hard do you question God? Do you talk to God? I am reminded in this Psalm to talk to God even when the questions are difficult. God is mighty, he is big and He will handle anything you ask him. He isn't afraid of the big questions!

This Psalm goes on to remind us that after all God is The God of Miracles and wonders. Remember the Red Sea? We must remember who God is ~ always!!! Not just in the Bible but today!!!

On this Monday morning, Remember exactly who God is and that He loves you, He delights in you and He takes every step with you!!! Praise the Lord!

Praising God,

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