Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a lady!

Breakfast this morning was bumpy. The day is still dreary, but the company was unbelievable. I sat with a little lady that is 93 years old traveling with her daughter, son-in-law and a nurse. She is quite a character who still has the most unbelievable spark and zest for life.

She is a navy widow. Her husband served all over the world in the navy. He was serving the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and she stood on a hill and watched Pearl Harbor being bombed. She ran to safety. Her husband was off on a destroyer and she was one of the few wifes left on the island. They placed her on a destroyer and got her to safety of the states.

She goes everyday to see the sights and continue to live her life! She laughs, enjoys and shares. God is amazing the people he places in our life. Another lady sat with us at dinner and when my mom complained that daddy wouldn't travel with her she gently reminded her that she was jealous when another lady had her husband just to walk with much less travel with and it was a very touching moment. Also, a very good reminder of what is important..

Today's reading was special because I love the scripture from Isaiah assuring us that Immanuel is coming! God is definitely with us and I love the reassurance of these words every time I read them...in the world we live in we still need these words so much and so often God is with us...Keep this in your heart, whether you are happy or hurting, strong or weak, God is with you!


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Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks for reminding us of what is important. God is with us!

Sometimes I forget those simple four words, yet packed with power and meaning beyond measure. God is with us!

I pray that I keep that thought in my mind today, God is with us!