Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whaling Town

Well, fishing boats are everywhere. I am sitting in my room on the boat looking at many fishing boats...you see in the pic. It is amazing how many fishing boats there are here in New Bedford. We went into town on a trolley stopped at the Whaling Museum and listened to the story of whaling. Wow, those were amazing women that stayed married to those men that might leave one day for their fortune in whaling to be gone 5 years and return with $95.00 for that whole five years. What do you think girls? Easy life?

Well, they stayed behind took care of home, children, and tried to manage and pray that their men would return one day. Some did, but a lot didn't...It was actually pretty eye opening and I thought once again, How blessed I am. I was born when I was to who I was and then to be married to a man that works pretty close to home and takes care of me.

Count your blessings...one by one ...and be thankful for each one!!!


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Frankie said...

Interesting information about the whalers and their wives that you have shared. We just don't realize how blessed we are do we? Praying that I remember to count my blessings today.