Saturday, June 20, 2009

God's Plan or ours?

Sometimes do you think exactly what are you doing God? It would be much easier to just do this or that? Or perhaps you think I know I must be out of my mind God couldn't be asking me to do that? little ole me? You must have somebody so much better for this task? Do you ever have those feelings?

I have always loved the story of Jonah.Instead of running to do what God wanted him to do ~ he ran fast the other way, got on a boat and headed for parts unknown. Only problem was God knows about all parts unknown ~ even the belly of a big fish.

Where is it you have run to and ended up in the belly of a fish? Well, learn from Jonah and repent and then follow that with a big dose of obedience. Once you do the fish will spit you out on the beach and you will be able to head where God wanted you to go in the first place. You may as well not take the long route, because eventually you will be in Nineveh or should I say your Nineveh?

The picture above is one of Nineveh at a gate...You are standing at the gate will you step in and follow through with God's plans or will you still insist on following your own? Nineveh was a large city that if you were to see it all it would take 3 days of your time. Nineveh was a great city that sat on the eastern bank of the Tigris in ancient Assyria across the river from modern day city of Mosul, Iraq. Have you heard of Mosul?

Jonah did what God told him to do and the people followed through with God's words.
Jonah got mad about it. He didn't like these people and he didn't want them to change their ways. He knew that God was compassionate (thank goodness) and that He was merciful (big thank goodness) and that God is eager to turn His back on destroying people! Hallelujah! Where would be if He wasn't?

God's ways are not ours ~ Thank goodness! God may call you to minister in areas that are distasteful, but a word to the wise ~ obey.

Trying to be obey,

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Linda said...

Sometimes the message is not so clear and other times it is so clear, but so scary. Trying to obey, too!