Friday, June 19, 2009

Not happening!

Elisha was a very powerful man, even in death! I smiled at God's power once again in death. The image of the men in a hurry tossing another man in to the tomb, the body touches the bones of Elisha and whoosh the man is back to the land of the living! Wow!!

Anyway, today's reading was about Elisha and the arrows from 2 Kings 13: 1-9...Elisha gave some arrow-shooting lessons to Joash. Elisha tells Joash exactly what to do for success and what does he do? He didn't follow directions! instead of knocking the ground 5 or 6 times he only struck it 3 so he would only have 3 victories over the enemies...The word says the man of God was angry with him. Here the man is about to die and he is still trying to help and people don't listen. In this scripture we still have the conflict of Joash and King Hazael of Syria. Now remember that King Hazael was not a a worshipper of the one true God, but he did serve as God's policeman in regard to Israel and Judah. Interesting, isn't it that God will use unholy people to do His work?

I don't know which image touched me the most about Elisha today, but I loved the last few days of studied this Man of God. Even in death he wanted to be alone and he got rid of that unwanted person in his tomb...


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Frankie said...

Your thought about God using unholy people to do His work, just reminds me that God is in control.
His control is over all of the earth.

Praying that I will turn my control issues over to the Lord today.