Sunday, June 14, 2009

How do I put out the fire?

In 2 Kings 1:1-18 today, I thought I know those servants were wondering why doesn't the king have to do this himself? I mean after the first team went and were burnt up and then another one and the same...I would be thinking I need a fire hydrant now! Do you think there is one close to that hill that Elijah perched himself up on?

Seriously, in this story ~ The king fell through lattice work of his palace and he was hurt bad. He sent his servants to inquire of Baalzebub (name means Lord of the flies ~ that alone is not one you would want to inquire about your health) about whether he was going to recover. Well, this was a very bad move, why would they inquire of a God that doesn't know the answers to anything? Anyway they were on their way a 40 mile journey to this place, when Elijah told them He's gonna die. The men forgot to ask Elijah's name, so the king had them describe him and he knew immediately it was Elijah.

Go arrest this man. First captain was arrogant with Elijah and said Hey you Man of God the king commanded you come down with us now! Well, Elijah replied if I'm a Man of God let the fire come down and destroy you. Poof, they are gone..2nd time same thing...3rd time ..this captain approaches with respect and he immediately fell to his knees. He pleaded with him to spare his life and the lifes of these other servants. The angel of God told Elijah to go with this man.

Elijah tells the King why did you send the men to another God, is there no God in Israel to answer your questions? Therefore, because you did this you will never leave your bed, in fact surely you will die in it and he did. The King died because he rejected the One and Only True God. He sought another.

Who are you seeking today? What are you looking for today? God is your answer today and all other days, so consult Him today with your questions and your life! He wants to share these days with you ~ right now, right here so talk!



Frankie said...

Debbie, I had to chuckle as I read that Baal-zebub means lord of the flies. Thank you for sharing these extra tid-bits of information with us. You are right, that title alone wouldn't give me alot of confidence in whom/what I would be seeking counsel.

Just sounds like more deception from the enemy. The enemy can lead us off on some strange paths that lead to no where. I pray that we would seek counsel from the One True Living God, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Linda said...

The Sunday School lesson I taught this morning was about Elijah, the prophet and the contest he instigated to show the One and Only True God! We were reminded how easy it is to let other things creep into our lives and the idols we worship other than our Lord.