Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have always loved the story of this sweet, trusting, believing widow so much! She had almost nothing, but yet she was willing to trust and share that nothing with a Man of God.

It seems like today we all are so weary and afraid to trust the people around us. We look for ulterior motives, we look for are they telling the truth and I always try to have the attitude that it isn't my problem to worry with either of these questions. I am suppose to let God know what is true and it is between the person and God. I am suppose to be Christ to that person. Now I realize that handing someone money or enabling is not the route to take, but sometimes we immediately turn our backs without listening or involving God in this process. So, back to this scripture ...She explained her situation to Elijah that she was about to prepare to eat and then die along with her young son. In fact, she was pretty matter of fact about just how dire the situation at her home was at that moment.

Elijah shared don't be afraid. Go home and do as I've told you and things will be okay. She went away and did just as Elijah told her to do. The flour jar did not run dry in keeping with God's words. Isn't it beautiful? The trust that this little widow woman showed allowing this man into her home, sharing the last little bit of food she had with him and just believing it to be true. Why don't we show the same faith or do you?

The story goes on and the little boy becomes ill. He stopped breathing. She then questions Elijah, Why? He cried out to the Lord. O Lord, let this life return to him! One commentary tells me that this was similar to a Babylonian practice involving magic, but that Hebrews did not practice magic. Elijah's prayer was not for restoration of the boy's soul, but the word nephesh was used indicating breath of life was prayed for this little boy. Like in Genesis when God created the animals..the same word was used. God showed this woman that Elijah was definitely a Man of God. Do we show people that we are people of God? Do we help or do we turn our backs? Do we help them breathe a little easier in this world that we reside in for a short time?

Oh, the lessons from this passage of scripture..What did you learn?


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Frankie said...

Debbie, I believe the story of the widow and the prophet, Elijah can be found in 1 Kings 17:8-24. I think that you just forgot to reference it as you began.

Trust, such a big issue for most of us. I know it is for me.

In verse 13, Elijah told the widow, "Don't be afraid!" Fear may be at the root of not trusting in many situations. I am sure that is case for me.

I pray that I would overcome any fear that I face today and put my trust in the One who is worthy of being trusted, the Lord God Almighty.