Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Idols and what do we do?

What are your idols? Humans are good at having idols, whether it is a person (sports figure, politcal person, etc.) or is it making something we do with our time an idol, anything that we place before God is an idol. Oops...let's learn a little bit about Baal worship and the time period to get a picture of the story from 1 Kings 17 that spoke to me today...

We were reading today that Ahab married Jezebel and how Ahab began to serve and worship Baal. Well, the photo is a picture of Baal. Baal was the god of rain, fertility, agriculture or really any god other than God, Yahweh, Our Savior. It can even be a human official it stated. The cult refered to in 1 Kings ran all the way until the time of Jehu which happens in 2 Kings around chapter 10 . I love this part Jehu set up the Baal worshippers said let's have a great sacrifice to Baal. See that no one is missing. Bring out the robes and everything. He made sure that no worshippers of the Lord were in there and only Baal worshippers were in offering sacrifices. Once everybody was in ~ he ordered his men to go in and kill them all. He brought out everything and burned it and then tore what was left down. Do you know what this ground became? A latrine ~ a bathroom and it is still one to this day. (at least according to my reading) Very appropriate, don't you think? Not that Jehu worshipped God afterwards, but that is another story..

Back to 1 Kings 17 - God responded in a interesting manner to the worship of this God of rain, fertility and agriculture...He hit him where it hurts. Since he was the supposed provider of rain, what does God do? He will send no dew, no rain until He says so. He shows where the rain comes from doesn't he? He tells Elijah to leave the Balm of Gilead area, which is where some believe a healing balm is felt. (modern day Jordan area)Also, interesting that Elijah is to leave the healing balm area and go the Kerith Ravine east of the Jordan.

God tells Elijah that he will drink from the brook and that ravens will feed him. I also found this interesting ravens to bring the food. Not an angel or another person, but ravens. So I looked up a few raven facts, they are possibly the most intelligent bird in the world, clever, cunning and very smart. Did you know that? I watched a video of a raven steal a ice fishermans fish while he left his pole in the ice to catch the fish. It was amazing. God provided for Elijah, just like he provides for us.

What is your idol that God is asking you to put down and leave? I know that at times just everyday life gets in the way of my putting God where He should be and where He should always stay ~ at the top! God should never lag behind in 2nd place or even 3rd. or 4th, but sometimes do we let him even fall out of our top 10?

Leave your idol behind and let God provide your needs, He will and He always does!


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Frankie said...

Debbie, thank you for the extra information that you research and share with us. I found the information about Baal and the ravens very interesting. It gave me a better understanding of the message that God gave Elijah regarding the lack of rain that would occur. Could Baal make it rain? No. Only the God of Heaven and Earth can/could make it rain. That speaks volumes by itself to any gods/idols that we put before the One True Living God. I pray that I would keep Him first today.