Thursday, June 4, 2009


A few facts about Song of Songs before going a step further...The Jewish faith thinks this is allegorical about the relationship of Israel and God to the relationship of husband and wife. Christians believe it is about Christ and the church from courtship to consummation and the Kabbalah faith thinks this is the most important book in the Bible. What do you think? I don't think it is the most important book in the Bible, but it is beautiful. The love that was felt between Solomon and this woman, but the love of Christ for each of us is truly amazing!!!

I think it shows us the love between Solomon and a woman he truly loves. He had many wifes for many political reasons, but he loved this one. He pursued her and truly desired her. I think this book definitely shows us the excellence of Christ love between Christ and us..Christ definitely pursues us.

In Chapter 2, verses 10 -13 ~ I love the imagery of the darkness of winter passing, the rains are over the gloomy, dark, rainy days, the flowers are budding up, the birds are singing, the fruit is making, things are popping and the bright, beautiful time of spring is upon us. Just like our relationship with Christ things are transformed forever changed, if we make that choice. God is gentle and allows us to choose whether we obey Him out of our love for Him. Things are bright, never dull Christ allows us the freedom and He is ready for us to be His when we are ready. What better picture do we need?

Another beautiful scripture is from 8: 6-7...Place a seal over your heart, our love is strong as is for sure and certain love just like death, but we will endure it for our love is like a fire the waters cannot quench this love, it burns so strong that even rivers will not do away with this love for us and nobody can buy it either. A true love, a strong love and may I ask who doesn't need this type of love?

What choice do you have? Is there a choice other than Christ? I don't think so in fact I know so...I want this love ~ this love that never burns out....I am definitely choosing Christ.


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Frankie said...

I think the Bible as a whole is most important and that it is always pointing us to Christ. Not sure what criteria was used to say that the Song of Solomon is the most important. Beautiful indeed and worth a look.