Friday, June 13, 2014

Sharing with friends

I just want to tell you that I love God's Word!

I also love my friends!

Put these two together and it is a great time!  Last night I had a few friends over to share salads and then desserts!  Yes, we had salad first and then some awesome pound cake and red velvet poke cake.  Yes, it was too good.

I have had a new thought for some time that God placed on my heart about sharing God's Word and I wanted to try it out on a few people before the fall.  It was truly a special time of laughter and honesty.  I treasure the things that God does through these special times with opening my eyes and my heart to new thoughts and concerns.  We are women that look different, come from different backgrounds, some are married, some are not, some are mothers, some are not, some are well...we are all different, but we have one thing in common ~  OUR FATHER!

Thanks friends for your feedback and most of all for your love!  

I can't wait to the fall to share with more friends!

I want to close today with an encouragement to all of you reach out and find a bible study group that will soon become some of your best friends!  Be brave, take the first step.  Call some local churches or watch on Facebook, when friends invite you and take a step of faith by attending and grow together in God's Word.  It is a wonderful gift that you give yourself, just by showing up!

Sweet blessings,


Frankie said...

It was a great time with friends and God's Word!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. LOVE your butterfly whisper writing. Your words dance & flutter with a soft wind of gentle revelations.You make a difference in our lives because of your very caring special heart. The Soul Sisters weekend at Camp Bethany was beautiful. Thank you Deb for being a part of so many of us women's journey. Seeds take time to germinate.Love & Miss You. jan core, 458-2863