Friday, April 21, 2017

Going to the chapel

Excited was not the word!  I met a lovely lady at Bible study that was able to allow me to visit the beautiful road chapel near my home in Colorado.  I was intrigued by the little chapel in the wild.  It sits so beautiful up on the side of the mountain and in the summer isn't even seen from the road.  I wanted to see inside.  

Kenny and I were invited up to see it closer.  We road up the little road in our jeep and came upon the sweetest place to celebrate Our Lord.  The view is unbelievable.  God's Creation out of every window and the inside is beautiful woodwork, pews, and God.

We heard the story of a father who wanted to find the best setting on all of his property to build this chapel for his daughter to have her wedding.  He found it and what an act of love for his daughter, but also God.

I could not wait to walk into this chapel.  It was calling to me.
We opened the doors and the view behind the podium was the first thing I saw and words just do not do it justice.  God is everywhere and you do not miss that point.  I will never forget the feeling of opening that door and witnessing the view and the profound moment of knowing that God is celebrated with every word, with every moment, with every turn of the head in this little chapel in the wild.

The pews are still decorated from years before with the dried flowers and bows of celebration of the wedding that the chapel was built to hold.  The wedding was so special to hear about knowing that Our Heavenly Father was celebrated in such a mighty way, but that this young woman's earthly father wanted such a special place for his little girl to begin her new journey.

In Colorado, my time is always so very special.  I am also reminded with every turn of my eyes that God with me.  I am reminded of who He is and just how big He truly is.  I come back home ready to face each day with vigor and love ~ not because of who I am, but because of who God truly is...Colorado fills me up with God and every once in awhile I just go back to be refueled with all that He is through His creation.  It just speaks to my soul.

I thank God for the gift that He gave me the day He took me closer into His arms and allowed me to find Him in birds, bees, moose, bears, elk, porcupines, and little chapels in the wild.  Thank you Lord for this special trip to the little chapel in the wild.

Sweet blessings,

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