Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

I remember like it was yesterday going to Sunday church and being allowed to pick your favorite hymn to sing.  I was a little girl and even at that point in my life I loved the old hymn "Jesus, Jesus, sweetest name I know... I remember the peace, the calm that just speaking the name Jesus would bring to my little girl problems.

Well, I'm now a woman in her fifties, married for 29 years and still know the peace that the name Jesus brings to my life.  I bring peace into my world just by speaking the name aloud.  I picture this man that was filled with love, compassion, mercy, kindness, laughter, forgiveness, goodness, patience, grace and so very much more and it fills my soul!  When I get into difficult situations, if I simply speak His name softly it is like He is caressing me with all of the traits above and I feel that peace that passes all understanding!  Do I hear an Amen?

Who doesn't need that feeling?  Well, in John 17:11 we are taught that indeed there is power in His Name!  If we say His name, we invite His power into our life whether it is a fight with our spouse, a child that is ill, or a simple disagreement with a friend, whatever we face if we speak His name, His power will come into the situation and bring our focus to Him!

Today, Speak His Name and remember that indeed it is the sweetest name we know!

Loving the sweetest of His Name,

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