Monday, April 1, 2013

Only if you go too!

Judges 3:31 - 6

Evil in the sight of the LORD...Evil in the sight of the LORD.  How many times do we read this in God's Word?  How many times do we do this daily?  Oops I didn't mean to get personal, but don't you know how much God loves you every time you read how terribly weak we all are?  Even after we have Jesus?

Today, a great warrior in our reading told Deborah that he would not go fight a battle without her after God told him to go.  We don't know if this is lack of courage or just him wanting a cheerleader, but really?  Most men would not have stated to Deborah come with me and I'll go.  Deborah was strong and filled with courage and knew that God was going to win the battle, so she went!  A time when women were definitely in the background this woman went to the battlefield.  Isn't it sad that Barak felt stronger with Deborah being there than knowing God was actually the one fighting the battle?  It wasn't Barak.  It wasn't Deborah.  It was God fighting and Barak had little faith in the Great I Am that he requested another human (woman at that) to go to the battle with him.

How often do we turn to another person as well rather than God?  Turn to God the true leader today!

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