Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today,  our reading from 1 Kings 8 and 2 Chronicles 5, 6 with the Ark being brought to the temple and Solomon blessing the people and offering prayer the word "hear" just jumped off the pages at me!  Maybe it is because the last few days I've been alone with two dogs in Colorado off the beaten track from others just listening to the sounds of the house and nature.  Do you know how many sounds you hear when you are alone?  I miss out daily on unique sounds around me in the busy work of daily life!

I don't hear all the things I need to hear such as birds chirping, wind chimes playing, or God speaking through His Word. Let me share that I also have imagined a few sounds that were not what I imagined!  Wow, I've grown over this special time alone in one of my favorite places with the Lord! Trusting in Him and Him growing me at the same time!  So special and treasured time with the LORD.  So this morning, I heard the word "hear" over and over reminding me what am I hearing?  Am I hearing things that matter or not?  

In 1 Kings 8 and 2 Chronicles 6, Solomon offers the words over and over to God, hear from heaven and forgive.  Count them for yourself and then ask are we asking God to hear us in heaven and most important are we on our knees asking forgiveness for the times we fall short?  Today, I am reminded it's so important that we ask these words LORD, please hear us and please forgive us, but also help us to make better decisions or the choices that You desire for our life!  Thank you Father for the fact that indeed you do hear our prayers and most important that you love us so much that you do forgive us!

Loving God,

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Frankie said...

So thankful that He is the God who hears us!