Monday, June 27, 2016

Delilah Treacherous Beauty by Angela Hunt

What word comes to mind with the name Delilah?  Evil, beautiful, mysterious, why?  So many words, but not many that would show up in the "nice" column.  When I read that Angela Hunt wrote a book on Delilah I wanted to read it.  Why?  Because I thought will I see what is beneath her beauty?  Will I see perhaps why she made such bad choices?  Will it make me think more about Delilah and Samson and perhaps add new perspective?

The answer is yes!  I think this book is really good.  The story shows that a lot of living happened to Delilah.  Yes, things happened to her and she responded by making bad choices.  How often have I done the exact same thing?  Oops.  Yes, I think everyone of us would have to say yes!  Oh, you don't think so.  You don't think you might think sometimes an eye for an eye?  I believe the words of this book make us all take a deeper look at ourselves!

Angela's woven story is heart-breaking, but she stayed very true to the scripture weaving perhaps a deeper look into the why's of Delilah's actions.  Bad things happened and she wanted pay back.  She wanted to be seen as a real person.  She wanted the evil person to pay and the only way they paid was by her deceit with Samson.  So many things that might have happened that really make you think about Delilah in a new way.  Do I like Delilah now?  I'm not sure how I feel about Delilah, but the truth is Delilah was a flawed woman just like me.  Delilah was human, so she made bad choices.  Choices that hurt deep.  I haven't made the choices of Delilah, but I know I've made choices that hurt deep as well.

I encourage you to read this book.  I think it will make you look deeper at Delilah, but also at yourself.  Perspectives might be changed.  I loved Angela Hunt's words at the end of her book about Delilah and Samson, "Samson and Delilah were not heroes or villains.  They were people...because people, with all their flaws, are what God uses to work His divine will.

Once again, through the gift God gave Angela Hunt of weaving words we all look deeper at this story of Delilah and we find hope!  Hope because indeed we are all flawed people.  Our choices may be different and we may not weight them as bad as Delilah's, but our weight of them doesn't matter.  It is all about God and how He uses our bad choices to work His wonders!  

Encouragement and hope.  I found both of these in the story of Delilah!  Indeed, a beautiful woman that made bad choices, but shows hope in God is the answer to truly survive!

Order through or at your favorite bookstore!  I was given this book by Bethany House to read and give my honest review!  Honestly, very good and thought provoking!

Sweet blessings,

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