Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thanks Friends!

I have been reading a book by Sophie Hudson entitled Giddy Up, Eunice Because Women Need Each Other.  Great book and I wasn't given the book to offer my opinion!  Anyway, I've felt very moved to say thank you to the women in my life from early on to present day! Thanks.  God had a plan for each of you and in some way He used you to grow me!  Perhaps it was through a word, a smile, even discipline that God used you and He placed us in each other's life for a season or forever, but definitely for a purpose!

I've read through laughter and tears this book and thought of so many different situations with some of you.  I've shed tears because some of these women have already gone to heaven and perhaps they never knew how they touched my life, but they did!  Recently, I ran into a sweet lady that still brings laughter to my journey whenever I run into her.  I told Hattie that day in the medical building I loved her and that she touched my life beyond words.  I still regret not sharing with Katherine the same words, but I hope she knew she taught me about being a lady always!  I still see Jo around the corner and laughter is the word that comes to mind with her.

Today, I am going to mention a few women some that are still here, some that are in heaven, but I believe I am to acknowledge and let know to the world that they were a part of God's plan in my life!  Women of all ages some younger, some my age, and some much older.  Age doesn't matter and this book is a wonderful reminder of how we are to learn from each other.  All the years of women's ministry and this is still the word that God gives me over and over about women reach out and  realize that if we sometimes will offer a hand or share our story God will help another person.

Peggy, Jimmie, Margaret, Jo, Jo, Louise, Linda, Aunt Martha, Beverly, Karla, Lisa, Marlene, Betty, Betty, Rozi, Carolyn, Jeanie, Frankie, Kathy, Brenda, Annette, Michaela, Kristin, Erin, Terri, Mary Lynn, Janet, Audrey, Jana, Callie, Taylor, Sarah, Elizabeth, Cindy, Leah, Becky, Kimberly, Julie, Chantay, Margaret, Darlene, Patricia, Linda, Dora, Mary, Ruthanne, Beulah, Christine, Marilyn, Loyce, Rachel, Robin, Veda, the list goes on and on.  If your name isn't here, it's just because I am aging and well sometimes things just slip the old mind! Forgive me for the mind not being what it once was. (acceptance is part of the journey)  Of course, my mom and Pam are at the top of this list!  Each of you God used and still uses to teach me, to help me, to show me, to offer a difficult word at times, but He uses you!  Yes, you so please continue to follow the Holy Spirits nudge by acting, by moving, by sharing, by smiling.

I still laugh at different situations that come to mind with some of you!  A special group of ladies were gathered
in Hope around a table we were playing a game and never ever will I forget the laughter shared by one particular answer.  Thanks ladies for the love and laughter, but most of all for you!

Sweet blessings,

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