Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thoughts pondered during this Christmas season

Amazing how things change with time, isn't it?  Christmas brings on different thoughts the older we get or at least I hope it does for all of us.  Each stage is so important to the journey the realizations that are recognized with each passing of Christmas.  The wonder and awe when we are children is so spectacular to the realization as adults of the true wonder and awe learned with aging.  I realize I still have lots to learn(or I hope I do) and hopefully forget some of the bad things I've learned along the way as well!

I thought I might share some of my thoughts through the season with you, my friends and family.  Saturday I traveled to our family hometown and the place where many memories were made and hopefully lots more to be made!  I drove up and immediately my eyes went to these chairs.  The chairs that many important conversations happened between generations.  Some of my fondest memories of laughter and leg slapping happened right here on this porch witnessing the love of my father and his father who were enjoying life together.  Now the chairs are empty most of the time.  Daddy doesn't make the trip to the farm as much anymore and I think partly because he still misses papaw so very much and this was their spot.  

So I sat and I rocked...remembering with the tears rolling down my cheeks at just how fast time goes by. As I did I remembered being told by my cousin Abe these very words.  "Don't wish your time away dreaming of when you are older.  It gets it soon enough."  Now I realize just what he meant!  The tears rolled, but laughter still came through the tears.  The memories of papaw sitting in his car with the motor running listening to the St. Louis Cardinals on the radio, because they weren't on the tv.  He wasn't going to let that stop him.  Or watching Pam help Ken(her California man)  learn about taking fish off the hooks and him slowly learning his way around all of us southern folks.  Or Kenny and I taking a 4 wheeler trip around the country roads and the fish frys.  Oh, the fish frys.  Daddy made himself a special room just to cook his fish, so the rest of the house wouldn't be messed up.  I could taste the fish sitting there rocking back and forth. The lunches with mom and daddy in Washington and the rest of all our crew in Washington.  Such special times with people I love so very dearly!  God gifts us with these memories to realize just how special the gift of time truly is...

Another thing I pondered and have been for several days is the story of Mary and her response to the angel.  Mary was so willing.  I have been pondering the question - am I willing to do what God ask of me?  Are  you?  I want us to look at this story for a moment in closing.  When Gabriel told Mary what was about to happen she responded with "How will this be since I am a virgin" and he answered with how the Holy Spirit would come on her and it would happen and Mary simply responded with "I am the Lord's servant."  "May it be to me as you have said."  Well the first thought I had and continue to have is she only ask one question.  One question and she was satisfied with the answer.  How many women do you know that only ask one question?  I have had so many questions just pondering this story when I put myself in Mary's shoes.  I would have ask, but Lord how will Joseph handle this?  How will my parents respond?  What will the community do to me?  How will I take care of Jesus?  How?  How? How? Why me?

Yet this young lady of about 14 simply responds with faith and trust in God!  When was the last time I responded to my difficult situations in the same way?  When was the last time that you did?

It is my prayer this Christmas that I respond with Mary's response Lord.  "May it be to me has you have said Lord."

Sweet blessings,

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