Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Study this week is about Moses.  The first text in the study lead me to was Exodus 2:23-25 and it is a great one.  It got me to really thinking because of these words that just jumped off the page at me:
The Israelites groaned and cried out for help.
God heard.
He remembered.
So God was concerned...

Are you groaning and crying out for help?  Who are you going to?  The cries of the Israelites went out to God.  Where are our cries going?  Are we talking to God?  Are we sharing with God?  Are we going to Him or someone else?  God hears!  God remembers!  God cares!

I don't know what you are struggling with or even if you are at the moment, but the time will come.  Turn to God.  Share with Him.  The image of being a slave to something and needing freedom is so profound with these scriptures.  Are you a slave to gossip?  food? exercise? love with the wrong person? jealously? bitterness? addiction? The list could go on and on because we all have our issues and some of which we desperately need freedom from...

I loved these verses read them for yourself and see which words God speaks to you about in your life.  He will, we must then listen for His truths.

Sweet blessings,

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