Monday, February 20, 2017

Control issues? Who me? Perhaps you? Book Review on Control Girl by Shannon Popkin

5 stars of truth!  Shannon Popkin writes a wonderful book filled with truths from God's Word and the issues of desiring control, having so called control, and letting go.  Serving in women's ministry for many years one begins to realize that most people struggle with control.  Some of us may not admit to it being a problem, but sometimes I don't think we realize it is control we are struggling with.  I recommend this book to women's groups to study together.  I recommend this to a woman that doesn't have a group available.  It is a must read.

I love the way that Shannon shared about the realization in Bible study one night that most of the prayer concerns all had to do with control.  Most with someone's mother or someone's mother-in-law and all the issues that were brought into their life from control.  Everyone wanted to control and it brought to Shannon's mind how she herself needed to deal now with this issue, so that she would not have to face this in her own relationships one day.  When she shared this story, I thought back to prayer concerns over the years and it was true.  Most of the prayer concerns other than health concerns all dealt with control of one sort or another.  

I liked the approach taken in this book with looking at women from the Bible that struggled with control.  Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, and Miriam quite a list of women that all struggled in different ways with control.  One I found most interesting on this list is Hagar.  After all, she was a slave with no choices, so how could she struggle with control?  Well, once she was having Abraham's baby she turned the tables on control.  I would have never though of her to place on a control list until looking at this with new eyes.  

I love the closing of the book with focus on the one woman in the Bible that didn't struggle with control.  She wasn't even a woman yet.  She was a young girl that became the mother of Jesus.  Mary is a beautiful lesson of how we all need to let go and let God.  

I really did enjoy this book and I believe studied with girlfriends this book would really come together great.  Discussion would be awesome and I know God would do great things!  I believe this because He really brought some things into focus for me with reading it on my own.  So either way order it immediately through, Barnes and Noble, or whatever bookstore you use!

I was given this book by Kregel Publications for my honest review.  I loved it!

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