Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Removing the rubble

  Recently, I've been in the book of Nehemiah learning and growing together with my girlfriends!  I absolutely love studying God's Word with my friends.  The perfect study always finds its way into the right slot of time for the time period we are in - absolutely nothing like God's Timing!  Amen

Nehemiah was a bold, brave, praying Man of God.  A man that rather than share all that he knew God was revealing to him, he pondered, he studied, he prepared and then he shared.

I am really bad about opening up right away about the things that God is doing in my journey with my girls.  I get so excited that I just have to share, but through this study God is showing me that sometimes I should wait until He is ready for me to move forward.  Sometimes perhaps He needs to remove some rubble from my life and I know perhaps I'm alone with admitting I sometimes drag rubble around with me for awhile.  Rubble like being unable to let go of a hurt that I might drag around for months, even years.  Maybe the rubble of a broken relationship that I just cling to and can't leave behind even though God is telling me to let go - leave it behind.  

Rubble probably looks different to each of us, but it is stuff that we step over, we move to another spot, but we refuse to move it and get rid of it.  Did you ever think about how this rubble is keeping you from rebuilding?  Nehemiah had to remove the rubble of the broken wall in order to rebuild the wall.  The study is really bringing back the fire of my home and how for weeks we had to step over what I once called my stuff that I treasured to rubble.  Things I loved, but I was clinging to because it was hard to let go of...just things that in order to start my life over I had to remove.

What about you?  What rubble do you need to remove?  Nehemiah was such a man of prayer and an example to each of us that to remove rubble, we need to pray about it and give it to God!  I don't know about you, but the only way I ever remove rubble is with God's Help.  So it is my prayer that you will talk to God about the rubble that is like a weight around feet that makes it difficult to take steps into God's Desired path because it is holding you back.  Give it to God!

God is showing me that before I share He wants to clean up my rubble!  He wants to start fresh and new by removing my old broken walls of rubble into a New, Fresh Rebuilt Woman of God!  Anybody want to be fresh and rebuilt with me?

Allowing God to Remove the rubble,


Frankie said...

Lord, help me remove the rubble rebuild!

Chantay said...

I'm with you on this one. This study has really opened my eyes.