Friday, March 9, 2012

Words of Love

Words, words, words...Do they help to tell them you love them?  Does it help to just hug and not offer anything, but a hug?  Do they know you are hugging them for Jesus?  

I know her heart is broken.  I know that she is struggling.  I know that she feels so alone.  I know because I know her.  I lift her in prayers and ask that you reading this will lift this unknown woman to the LORD.

My heart is breaking as well for her pain.  She only wanted to feel loved, so she allowed herself to believe it was love.  She believed the words, which in turn causes her not to believe words now.  Causing so much loneliness when she needs to know at this moment just how much she is loved.  She needs to know that God feels her pain and truly feels it right along with her.  She is mourning the loss of a child.  A child that she chose to abort, because the ones she desired to love her told her to and now the pain is so deep.  Pray for this little one that is now with the LORD.

No judgment from me.  I make mistakes moment to moment how can I judge, but my heart is breaking.  Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing going through the losses all over again that monthly I felt when I would realize that I wasn't going to have a little one and now God places me to work with young girls that I try to mother and help them realize that someone will love their little ones.  I try to be that face that they will realize someone will love their child so very much, because they so desperately want one.  Oh how I want to be the face to help them realize not to make that choice of abortion, please allow that special couple to take your baby and give it a life they deserve.  The couple that offers to give your baby so much love, encouragement, and a home will be complete.  No longer a hole in their hearts or their homes, because you give them a gift that is beyond words.

Lord, please give me the words of love that this special woman needs to hear now.  Healing words that will allow her to know that she is never alone.  Words that show love drawing her closer to the LORD and not further away and alone.  Lord, please give me wisdom to be your arms comforting and loving and showing only YOU and Lord help my aching heart.  A heart that is breaking, because I feel her pain. Lord, allow her to believe the words we share about You!  The words that she needs to hear right now!
We love you LORD!  Amen

Sweet blessings,


Anonymous said...

Oh how heartbreaking. I pray that that God will give you everything that you need (the words, the love, the strength) to this special young lady. And I pray that she will receive it. My heart is so full of compassion right now. There are so many women in the same situation with no where to turn. I am thankful that this young lady has you. Chantay

Frankie said...

Yes Lord, let us reflect your love to Your hurting children.