Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes! Yes! Just say YES!

I fell in love with this photo!  How often do we feel like the world is closing in on us and we still say YES LORD!  This woman is doing the happy dance in spite of the world knowing that God is going to handle all that comes her way!  At least, that's my take on the photo!

Over and over lately the message for me to share has been unique.  Unique, unique, remind everyone including yourself that we are all unique!  One thing that isn't unique is that God is asking us something or pursuing each of us in one way or another.  He is asking us to reply YES to Him!

I have been reading the most interesting book about a lawyer by the name of Bob Goff that practices his lawyer skills at Disneyland on Tom Sawyer Island.  Imagine it no fancy office, no he responded by meeting people at Tom Sawyer Island.  I like this man's way of thinking!  He replied yes to God and he walks a very unique path with God and his profession of being a lawyer!  He enjoys life and the plan that God had for his life.  Our journeys don't have to be boring.  No we can open our office up at Disneyland, if want to!  Why do we make our Christian walks sometimes look boring?  Nothing about walking the Christian walk is boring.  No we have a full time battle on our hands, we have joy and laughter because we are able to laugh at our mistakes and then allow God to use the ugliness of our mess ups for His Glory!

Bob wrote a book entitled "Love Does" in which he shares about how he became a Christian.  Bob wasn't really sure about the Christian life and what he thought about it.  He was in high school when he met a guy named Randy.  Randy worked with Young Life and was a Christian.  Randy hung out being just Randy and didn't push anything on Bob.  One day in Bob's junior year of high school he showed up at Randy's told him that he decided it was time to leave to go to Yosemite.  Yes, he was going to just leave school and drive to Yosemite to work.  Randy was groggy, it was early in the morning and he replied, "well are you leaving soon?"  Yeah, right now.  Well, what did Randy do next?  He said, well, wait just a second.  In a moment here comes Randy backpack in tow ready to go.  Rather than giving Bob all the reasons he should not make this move he picked up and went with him.  Bob shares that Randy taught him being a Christian isn't about saying or doing it's about sacrifice.  Later on Bob realized that Randy had just gotten married when he showed up at his door to leave.  Randy was afraid of what was going to happen to Bob and he knew that it was important to be with Bob.  So he sacrificed.  He showed Bob that being a Christian wasn't necessarily speaking it was about doing and showing the Christian walk.  Being Christian means sacrificing and he showed this by saying okay, let's go early in his new marriage.  Wedding presents were still on the floor when they returned to the house after their quick trip to Yosemite.  Talk about actions speaking louder than words.

Randy was with Bob.  Randy was just being with Bob.  Randy was showing Bob the way without lectures, without do it this way, or don't do this, he showed him how to be.  Sometimes we just need to be for others and allow everyone to be unique to their own calling.  I highly recommend this book!

I am reminded of the words from Jeremiah 29:12-14 (The Message)
When you come looking for me, you'll find me.
"Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else.  I'll make sure you won't be disappointed."  God's Decree
"I'll turn things around for you.  I'll bring you back from all the countries into which I drove you"-God's Decree-"bring you home to the place from which I sent you off into exile.  You can count on it.

WE can count on God to send Randy's into our life, if we just realize that God is with us!  If we just say YES that is you LORD.  Open your eyes, listen to the words is that God speaking through the most unusual person?  Is that God showing you exactly what you ask for in prayer?  Say YES LORD please show me your most amazing world!  Please open my eyes to the wonders that surround me and amaze me today!  Thank you LORD for loving me!

Sweet blessings,


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written Deb! I say "YES"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbie,

Hello from Auz. It was quite by accident that I came to your weblog at your Friday, October 1st comment of 2010.

I just wanted to say that your words and insight in relation to the biblical fellow who was healed of leprosy by Jesus really touched me. I’ve been trying to heal skin cancer for 30 years, which on one occasion nearly killed me, and so you may imagine that I’ve been hoping and praying that Jesus would heal me. Often I think He doesn’t want to. That aside, I just wanted to thank you for your comforting words and realizations, even if nothing changes for me in the physical.

Blessings to you – Garry.