Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's celebrate!

Early this morning in the cool breezes I studied and listened to God's Word.  It was awesome!
The story I was looking at was the familiar story to many of us about the lost son returning home, but something different caught my attention today.  It was the words in  Luke 15, verse 23 ...Let's have a feast and celebrate!

Now for all of you that know me party animal is not a fitting description of this girl.  No, I am quiet more the wallflower type that listens and watches, but imagine this party!  A son that was gone a long time the father feared he might never return, but he waited and he watched.  One day off in a distance he spots a familiar figure and a walk of someone dear and off he goes to meet him.  No anger.  No whys.  No only welcome home and I've missed you so much!  Imagine this father and son hugging, laughing, crying, and the father shouting let's have a party!

Isn't that the way it should be anyone comes into the Kingdom of God?  Shouldn't we celebrate?  Shouldn't we hold a party that says they were lost, but now they are found?


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Frankie said...

Yes,a party indeed!