Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put on

I want to begin today with asking you what do you put on everyday?  We (girls) put on a lot of things every morning with the process of preparing for the day.  We put on our makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, deodorant ~ well you get it.  We put a lot of things on our very being to get out in the world for the day.  To face the day we make sure we remember certain things, if we forget certain ones people might avoid us!  Forget that deodorant and people will avoid you.  Forget the makeup and only those that truly love you will still hang around ~ anyway...  We are sure to put on things that we believe in our soul help us survive the world we move around daily in.

Today, I've been looking at a word from Colossians 3 that I love!  Two words just jumped off the page at me and it was the words found in verse 10.  
Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.  We must daily choose to put on the new things that Christ teaches us just like we do our deodorant or our jewelry.  Oh we still have our salvation, but to truly live in freedom daily we must choose to put on the new self!  The new self that Christ teaches us all about such as compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.  

It took on a whole new meaning to me this morning about putting on our new selves with the rest of our daily wardrobe.  We forget that deodorant and well nobody wants to hang with us and the same is true of forgetting to put on our new self.  We need to choose daily to put on our new self along with our outfit for the day.  Ladies, I know how important it is for all of us with the right outfit and fitting right and feeling good all day by wearing the right thing the same is true with putting on our new self.  If we forget and don't wear the new self our whole day is just wrong.  It's like wearing the shoe that doesn't fit right, it hurts!  In our souls we are just off and the day is ruined and we move further away from being who we are suppose to be.  Oh, we haven't lost our salvation, but we sure aren't dancing in our freedom with Christ!

Today, put on your new self!  Dance with the LORD and live in freedom wearing all that we are meant to be...

Sweet blessings,

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